Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nest Cam

Just click the image for the nest cam. More resources (stories and videos) here including the story of the dramatic chick rescue.

Video of the attack and rescue is on Youtube here.

Terror struck the Pelican Harbor bald eagle nest on Santa Cruz Island as a sub-adult bald eagle attacked the two 7-week-old chicks. Whether it was trying to carry them off or just knock them off, we're not sure, but both chicks were drug off the nest by this juvenile eagle. The youngest chick (Spirit) was grabbed by it's beak and dragged off. The IWS team on Santa Cruz Island was immediately notified by faithful nest-watchers. They hiked the treacherous hike out to the nest in record time to see what could be done. Before they got there, the older eaglet, Skye, was grabbed by the wing and dragged off. Both eaglets were found - one with a slightly broken bill and the other with a broken wing - otherwise healthy. They have been taken to a vet in Orange County. Spirit's beak is expected to heal quickly. The wound is deep and the main concern is infection. Skye is having surgery for it's broken wing May 22nd. The vet is optimistic about it's recovery. Both eaglets should be placed in a hacking tower on Santa Cruz Island within a couple months.

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