Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Volunteer opportunity

Docenting for Snowy Plovers is a Decent Thing To Do!

The snowy plover is a threatened species. Nesting on the open sand makes them very vulnerable. Often their eggs and chicks are at risk of being stepped on or destroyed by unknowing beach users or off leash dogs.

The Snowy Plover Docent Program (SPDP) was started in 2001 to assist with the protection of the Snowy Plovers at Coal Oil Point Reserve, and to raise awareness in the community of the importance of the preservation of this species and its habitat.

The commitment of each Plover Docent volunteer has contributed toward the success of recovering the nesting population at Coal Oil Point. Each docent plays a crucial role in the protection of the plovers by educating beach users about this threatened species and what they can do to improve the chances for the plovers' survival. Docents provide a personal and friendly contact for beach users. They promote public interest and understanding, and in turn, dramatically increase the effectiveness of other plover/tern management efforts at the Reserve.

Can you spare 2 hours per week? If so, you could make a significant contribution as a Volunteer Docent or an Intern for the Snowy Plover Docent Program.

The next training is

*Saturday, September 27th, 9AM-1:30PM

To register, please contact the Program Coordinator, Jennifer Stroh:
office: 805-893-3703
vcml: 805-880-1195

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