Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internship: Devereux Slough Monitoring Program

Outreach Internship Available for Devereux Slough Monitoring Program:

One paid internship is available as part of a long-term monitoring
study of the Devereux Slough ecosystem. Devereux slough is a
seasonally flooded coastal wetland located within UCSB’s Coal Oil
Point Reserve. The Devereux Slough Monitoring Program collects
important information on the slough including: water quality, fish
surveys, and sedimentation rates.

The outreach intern will be responsible for raising awareness among
UCSB students and the community about the Devereux Slough ecosystem,
the slough monitoring program, Coal Oil Point Reserve, the non-profit
group Shorelines and Watersheds, and the importance of responsible
watershed management. In particular the intern duties would include:
updating website materials, participating in outreach events,
distributing brochures, helping create an annual report, and updating
educational postings.

The intern will receive a $300 at the end of the academic quarter,
funding provided by the Coastal Fund. Applicants must be a UCSB
student. To be considered for the internship please send your resume
and class schedule for Winter quarter. To:

Tara Longwell
Slough Monitoring Program Coordinator

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