Friday, September 23, 2011

Restoration seminar

Here's a link to the CCBER Restoration seminar schedule this quarter: Restoring Upper Devereux Slough: Opportunities and Constraints.

The possible purchase of this land has been rumored for a while but it seems like it is moving closer to reality:

State Grant Approved For Upper Devereux Slough Acquisition

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) today received approval for $3 million from the California Coastal Conservancy to help buy 63 acres at the eastern gateway to the Gaviota Coast near the University of California at Santa Barbara.
The total includes a $2.5 million grant from the Coastal Conservancy itself, along with another $500,000 which the Coastal Conservancy received from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Coastal Wetlands program. The grants mean $4.5 million of the $7 million needed to acquire the property has now been assembled.

This is a fantastic opportunity to follow a project as it develops and the CCBER seminar series this quarter will be a great introduction.

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