Monday, June 2, 2008

Are black bears coming to stay in IV?

With black bear management regulations beginning in 1982, both population and range size have been increasing in recent years. Currently there are 25,000-30,000 black bears in 52,000 square miles in California.

Before my breakfast on Saturday morning, there was a sign posted in my campus residence complex (just North of IV) warning that a bear was spotted that morning very close by! I am not sure whether Fish and Game ever found it and what they did if they did find it.

Please post something on the blog, if you heard anything!

"The primary goal of the Department's black bear management program is to maintain a viable and healthy black bear population." Will they maintain this population size even if bears begin to encroach upon areas of human settlement?

for more information on CA Dept of Fish and Game Black Bear Management see their website

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John Latto said...

To: The Campus Community

Fr: Vice Chancellor Donna Carpenter

Re: Bear Spotted on Campus

As reported on KEYT News and in the Santa Barbara News Press, a bear has been spotted several times on campus the past four days. The bear is a California small, black bear weighing approximately 200 pounds. It has been spotted near the Santa Barbara Airport fence line along Mesa Road and near Harder Stadium.

UCSB Police officers and State Fish and Game agents are searching for the bear. If spotted, please do not approach the bear but call UCSB Police at 911.

Thank you.