Monday, October 6, 2008

New Study Offers Solution to Global Fisheries Collapse

I should save this for our Solutions section but every time I do that I forget to post the article later so I'll do it now instead.

A study published in the September 19 issue of Science shows that an innovative yet contentious fisheries management strategy called "catch shares" can reverse fisheries collapse. Where traditional "open access" fisheries have converted to catch shares, both fishermen and the oceans have benefited. UC Santa Barbara scientists Christopher Costello and Steven Gaines are two of the co-authors of the study.

There's a press release on the story, an article in the Universities 93106 newspaper or you can read the actual paper or Science's news summary of the paper.


Katherine Emery said...
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Katherine Emery said...

For more information, this article was complemented by a piece in the Economist, "A rising tide" published on September 18th. The article fell under the section "Science and Technology -- Fishing and conservation".