Friday, November 18, 2011

Coho Salmon Release

I found this article a while back but it is a good example of habitat restoration and restoration of an endangered population of Coho salmon. After ten years of working to restore the Willow Creek habitat, scientists from California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Army Corps of Engineers as well as officials from organizations like Trout Unlimited and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods were finally able to realize their goal of restoring the Salmon to this particular tributary and ideal spawning ground. "As many as 50 percent of the salmon fingerlings released into Willow Creek Tuesday are expected to survive, according to Ben White, a fisheries biologist for the Corps." This figure for juvenile survival is quite high I think, but represents an optimism about the project that is needed if it is to be a success. The cost of the whole project is well over one million dollars, which is mostly due to the removal of culverts and replacing them with a bridge. This seems like a large sum just to restore a tributary, but it is vital work that will possibly allow the survival of this population of Coho salmon. It is uplifting to see a restoration effort that works and that so many different agencies collaborated on in order to ensure its success.

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