Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not so fair game

Chicago Tribune, November 16th 2012: Killing of wolves from Yellowstone outside park triggers outcry.
Seven wolves that once lived in Yellowstone National Park have been shot and killed by hunters in recent days, triggering an outcry among conservationists and businesses that depend on the park's prized wolf packs.
The wolves, all radio-collared as part of a park research program, were legally hunted outside Yellowstone boundaries after hunting seasons opened earlier this year in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
The deaths have no adverse effect on a park wolf population estimated at 88, said Dave Hallac, chief of resource management and science for Yellowstone.
Because it's hard to imagine that the loss of 8% of the population in a short time frame could have an adverse effect. If we only had some way to look at this scientifically...
Wolves last year were removed from the endangered species list in Idaho and Montana, states that liberally allow shooting and trapping. Wyoming wolves were removed from the list on September 30 and hunted from the next day.
While hunting is banned in Yellowstone, wolves that cross the unmarked boundary into parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are fair game. 
You think there'd be something in the middle. One day you're endangered and protected, next day you're 'fair game'.

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