Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gray Whale Conservation

Cris Sandoval, Director of the Coal Oil Point Reserve, writes:

Dear friends,
This is a special time of the year to see Gray Whales and Sea Otters at the Coal Oil Point Reserve. This is the first year that the otters have shown up in numbers, an average of 20 a day. If you would like to visit the reserve, please email me and I can arrange parking. Michael Smith and other docents are at the point (next to the Cliff House) daily and have a scope to show the whales and otters. For more information on the whales, check NORTH Report
I hope to see you soon,

>This is going to the Gray Whales Count community.
>Many of you have asked about the progress of the migration. To this
>point, we at Gray Whales Count have counted more whales than any
>year, and we are in the final phase: the cow/calf pairs. We are a
>bit anxious, trying to be patient in hopes that the whales have
>traveled much further than usual and are spreading out the
>northbound parade.
>To get a better insight into what is going on from many different
>perspectives, I hope you will follow the link to Journey North to
>see Jane Duden's latest report, which includes some very interesting
>information from NOAA's Wayne Perryman, as well as reports from
>Mexico to Alaska.
>My best,
>michael h smith,
>project coordinator
Gray Whales Count


NORTH Report website has some links towards the bottom of the page on scientific research on Gray Whale conservation. Including an interesting study conducted by Steve Palumbi of Stanford University using genetics to estimate historic whale populations. Here is a link to the paper and his website.

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