Thursday, April 3, 2008

Underwater Canyons

Thursday, April 3rd, MSB 1302, 4 pm

*Beauty and Destruction in the World's Largest Underwater Canyons*

*John Hocevar, Greenpeace USA*

* *

John Hocevar, Senior Oceans Specialist at Greenpeace USA, will present
video and images from Greenpeace's exploration of two of the world's
largest underwater canyons. Zhemchug and Pribilof Canyons are located
in the heart of the Bering Sea fishing grounds of some of the world's
largest fisheries, so the findings from this expedition have immediate
implications for management and conservation. Over a dozen species of
coral were observed, as well as an unexpected abundance and diversity of
sponges. Considerable evidence of fishing impacts to benthic marine
life was documented in these deep, remote locations. Hocevar will share
preliminary findings from the expedition and discuss management
proposals to protect habitat-forming corals and sponges.

As the head of Greenpeace USA's oceans programs, John Hocevar works on a
broad range of marine conservation issues in US waters and on the high
seas. Since joining Greenpeace in 2004, he has led two expeditions to
the Bering Sea, confronted factory fishing vessels in the Chesapeake
Bay, coordinated the UN lobbying efforts for the Deep Sea Conservation
Coalition, and challenged Japan's illegal and wasteful whaling
operations. Hocevar has a Masters degree in marine biology from Nova
Southeastern University, where he evaluated tools to protect coral
reefs. His work has included sea turtle nesting projects, and oil spill
prevention plans. He also helped design a coastal and marine management
plan for the government of Belize.

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