Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ship > Whale

Whales are pretty big. Blue whales are about the biggest at around 30m long and 200 tons. But even this is dwarfed by your average container ship  - ten times longer and over a thousand times heavier. When ship meets whale it isn't even a contest. Is this a significant source of mortality for blue whales and what can we do about about it. What should we do about it? Are you prepared to pay more at Walmart or K-Mart for your cheap plastic crap if container ships have to go around whale feeding grounds?

Hmm, the embedded CNN video comes with an ad. It probably varies but the one I just saw was for .... cheap plastic crap from K-Mart. Oh the irony.

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Tim Stuart said...

And, considering it's Halloween, I'm sure the cheap plastic crap import rates are way up. Poor whales...