Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yoda worm

From the Guardian newspaper yesterday (and lots of other places):

A worm from an ecosystem far, far away has been named after the Star Wars character Yoda.

Yoda purpurata is one of three new species of deep-sea acorn worms discovered 1.5 miles beneath the Atlantic.

Scientists coined the genus name because the large lips on either side of the creature's head reminded them of the Jedi master's floppy ears. The creature is a dark reddish-purple – hence the other part of the worm's name, which is Latin for purple.

I don't see the resemblance myself. Maybe if it had been green. But the ears pointing down and what looks like curly hair remind me of another puppet I can't quite put my finger on. Help me Internets. Got it. Lamb Chop:

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