Friday, November 16, 2012

Environmentalist File Federal Lawsuit Over Wyoming’s Kill at Will Wolf Policy

On October 1, 2012, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has eliminated Wyoming wolves from the Endangered Species Act and has given Wyoming state officials control over wolf management.  Wyoming’s state policies promote unlimited wolf killing in “predator zones” that extend through a large portion of the state.  These policies undermine the recovery of an endangered species that have happened to make a come back.  This decision by the federal government to remove the wolf from the Endangered Species Act has angered many conservation groups who are willing to take action.
Yesterday (November 15th, 2012), conservation groups filed a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s decision.  I believe their argument is beyond adequate:  

“Wyoming’s anti‐wolf policies take the state backward, to the days when wolf massacres nearly wiped out wolves in the lower 48 states. Our nation rejected such predator extermination efforts when we adopted the Endangered Species Act,” said Earthjustice attorney Tim Preso. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has turned its back on Wyoming wolves, and so today we are asking the court to make sure that wolves on the border of Yellowstone — our nation’s first national park — have the protections they need to thrive.”

Conservationists not only present a valid argument, but they also have facts to back it up.  Since Oct 1, 1012, at least 49 wolves have been killed throughout the state.  Now that the federal government has lifted these sactions, wolves may be killed in any fashion such as using helicopters, snares, four-wheelers and even pups could be killed in their dens if found.  Conservationists argue that this is what drove these wolves to extinction in the first place.  Do you think that this was a smart idea on behalf of the Federal Government?  If the wolves remain in the state’s hands all the hard work and progress that has been made to bring this species back to a healthy population wil be compromised.  For more information about this story you can visit

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