Monday, November 5, 2012


It's election day tomorrow. In case you are an undecided voter (?) here is some guidance on environmental issues that might be useful for some of the less publicized races. As always, make up your own mind.

From the Sierra Club for California's initiatives and State Assembly and State Senate.

Sierra Club endorsements for the President, Senate and House.

From California League of Conservation voters for pretty much everything you get to vote on.

A little alarming is what they miss out here - Prop 38.

As you may have heard Prop 30 is pretty important for the University of California and your tuition fees, if it doesn't pass then the UC system will see a $375 million cut, but less publicized is Prop 38 which is a competing proposition. If BOTH pass then whichever gets the most votes will go into effect. So Prop 30 could pass and still lose if Prop 38 gets more votes. Prop 38 directs ALL of its increased revenue to K-12 and early childhood education leaving the Universities out to dry.

Here's the Green Party on Prop 38.

Being an alien I don't get to vote. Fortunately that means I don't have to pay any taxes due to the whole 'no taxation without representation' thing. Wait, what...

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