Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two-pronged strategy

The prioritization strategies I presented on Thursday represent different options and hopefully some food for thought. How should we best allocate our limited resources? Even those advocating specific options do not always do so at the expense of other options. Mittermeier's Wilderness paper, cited and quoted below, is advocating for the preservation of wilderness as well as biodoversity hotspots rather than a sole focus on biodiversity hotspots.

Wilderness and biodiversity conservation by Mittermeier et al. PNAS, 100, 10309 (2003)
(T)he low cost and great value to humanity of the world's remaining wildernesses better justify their conservation than does their biodiversity. However, efficient global biodiversity conservation should focus on a two-pronged strategy targeting the 6.1% of the land's surface covered by the five high-biodiversity wilderness areas as well as the 1.4% covered by the hotspots. Such a strategy could conserve more than one-sixth of species as endemic to the high-biodiversity wildernesses and more than one-third to the hotspots, and the biodiversity conservation community would be wise to allocate their scarce resources accordingly.

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