Monday, November 22, 2010

Land Trust for Santa Barbara County

The Conservation and Restoration Seminar tonight, Nov. 22nd, will be presented by

William Abbott of the Santa Barbara Land Trust on their experiences and lessons learned in the
implementation of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Restoration.

-- 6pm, CCBER Classroom, Harder South.

The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County have a nice website with details of their various purchases and conservation easements. There are further details of the Capinteria Saltmarsh project. Other projects you may be familiar with include Fairview Gardens, the Coronado Butterfly Preserve, and the UCSB South Parcel (a conservation easement). For another example of conservation easements see the history of the Sedgewick Reserve, a UC Reserve, which some of you may have visited on field trips:

In the early 1990's, motivated by research scientists, artists and preservationists, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County agreed to lead a "Save the Sedgwick" campaign to acquire the 782 acres from the heirs to the Sedgwick estate. In complex, several year effort, the Land Trust succeeded in raising $3.2 million from local, state and foundation grants, and a great many individual donations, to purchase the heir's parcel. We then negotiated convey it at no cost to UCSB, based on the agreement that the land would be placed under a conservation easement to permanently protect it from development and that it would become part of the UC Natural Reserve System (NRS). The NRS has managed the Sedgwick Reserve since 1997.

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