Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shagged by a rare parrot (again)

I try to make the vast majority of the blog postings topical, and therefore new, but sometimes there's just something too good not to repost. Here's a clip of the Kakapo I posted last year.

I mentioned the dangers of imprinting on humans briefly today. Sirocco suffered from a respiratory illness as a very young chick which meant he had to be hand reared and, unfortunately, he imprinted on humans. Although this means he is unlikely to be a successful breeder the viral success of the video clip above has led to Sirocco having his own Facebook page, Twitter account, and he is now an official spokesbird for conservation.

For more Kakapo fun, including more inappropriate mating attempts, check out this video of a video at the Te Papa museum in Wellington, NZ.

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