Wednesday, October 20, 2010


California Invasive Plant Council is a nonprofit organization formed in 1992 to address one of California's top environmental threats. They run courses, maintain an inventory of the state's invasive plants and also, and probably most conspicuously, publish leaflets as part of their 'Don't Plant a Pest Program'. You can download them all from their website, or click here for a pdf version of their central coast version.

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Lauren Argue said...

I found this organization kind of funny. Though it is for a good cause, I think that 1) most people don't know that planting invasive plants is harmful to the environment, 2) people don't know which plants are actually invasive, and 3) after learning which plants are invasive, they probably still won't care too much. Aside from being pessimistic, I think that they have a good idea of offering information brochures because thats the only way to really get information about the effects if invasive planting out there. Also, just for kicks I checked the "invasive plant check list" for southern California (where I am from) and noticed that many of the palm trees that are dominate Southern California's landscapes are in fact invasive to the area. So much for trying to replicate Hawaiian or Caribbean vocation spots!

-Lauren Argue