Sunday, October 24, 2010


This blog has a number of functions. It's a place for me to post some follow ups to lecture, a place for me to post some recent relevant research and a place for me to post articles of interest and amusement. It also sometimes serves as a place for me to rant.

I was in Las Vegas this weekend. A visit of such monumentally depressing experiences I have not yet recovered. Anyway, in this monument to excess, a monument that takes excess and then raises it to a higher power of excess than you even imagined existed, it is just petty and annoying to see the constant greenwashing. Sure, keep your lights on 24/7 and produce a lush oasis in the desert but as long as my coffee cup sleeve is 40% post consumer content and my towels are only washed every other day the earth will be okay.

The University of Oregon maintains a Greenwashing Index if you are interested in this type of thing.

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