Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Certified Wildlife Habitats

My sister took this photo and sent it to me the other day to ask if I knew about Certified Wildlife Habitats... and I didn't until I googled it! Have you heard about this before? I thought I would pass it on to see what everyone thought about this... very interesting!

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John Latto said...

You clearly haven't got onto the mailing list of the National Wildlife Federation. I think I escaped them by moving town but I fear they will find me one day...

Anyway, I think the scheme really has two separate components: education and conservation. Educationally I think it is quite valuable making people think about the resources that wildlife needs. But in terms of conservation I'm less sure. Like the wildlife corridors we spoke of - backyards are unlikely to serve as a substitute for decent sized preserves. In a worse case scenario I suppose they could even be 'sinks' for certain species. In most cases though I imagine it is a step in the right direction.