Friday, October 29, 2010

The million dollar bed

This bed is for sale in China for a million dollars. It's not my taste but that's not really the point. What is the point? That we are sacrificing Madagascar's unique forests for expensive furniture and the demand for that furniture is being fueled by China's economic growth.

The Environmental Investigation Agency recently published a major report on the global trade in rare woods from Madagascar. It's well worth taking a look at it. A point they make several times is that very little of the money remains in Madagascar - less than 1% of the wood's final value even remains in the country and only a small fraction of that will remain with the poorest people.

Since Halloween is right around the corner here's the Satanic leaf tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus). Leaf tailed geckos are only found on Madagascar and The World Wide Fund lists all the Leaf tailed geckos on their "Top ten most wanted species" list of animals threatened by illegal wildlife trade.

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