Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mushroom Bloom!

In New York City "seemingly from every nook, cranny and sidewalk crack, in cemeteries and street-tree pits and median strips, months of biblical rains have yielded a prodigious harvest of mushrooms in a riot of rainbow colors and in every possible shape, size, texture and degree of edibility – savory, poisonous, even psychotropic."-Andy Newman, Nature Adds Water, and Everything Mushrooms- The New York Times

This article reminded me of the invading mushrooms in San Francisco, and is a quick read if you're interested! Its an almost funny unforeseen consequence to global climate change in New York. Now, after Hurricane Irene causing flooding in New York, changes in weather patterns along the eastern sea board have lead to massive rains causing spores to grow into a diverse array of mushrooms in New York City. I really hope after the hurricane, flooding, blizzards, and rains, that New York won't have a terribly harsh weather range..

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