Thursday, October 13, 2011

Proposed Road through The Serengeti

In 2010, it was proposed to construct a road that would pass through the Serengeti National Park (shown in red on the map). Its purpose was to make travel easier through eastern Tanzania and the central African nations. However, the road would go directly through the middle of a migration path that about two million animals depend on, including wildebeests. In addition, the road would cut through a large portion of other habitats throughout the Serengeti National Park.

This proposed road would have many implications for the wildlife of the area. The most obvious problem is the potential for migrating animals to get hit by the traffic that is now passing through their habitat. Even worse, the road may stop the ability of the animals to migrate successfully and force them to find other refuge. Not only would the road affect the migration pattern, but the Serengeti National Park could also suffer the effects of habitat fragmentation.

As of right now, the plans for the road have been discontinued, but it is possible that the construction of this road will be brought up again for debate at a later date. What other consequences could the Serengeti National Park face if these plans were put to action in the future? Would the large scale migrations be possible with this overwhelming obstacle?

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